Transferring your license to another computer

Most licenses are Single User Licenses and which only allow the person who registers the license to use it. Shared usage will result in an automatic termination of the license. If there is a permanent change of ownership, please contact for assistance.

It is possible to transfer your license from one computer to another using the following two sets of instructions.

Release license from current computer

You must first release the license from the computer that is currently using it. To release the license, follow these instructions.

  1. Start TreeAge Pro on the computer currently holding the license.
  2. Choose Help > TreeAge License Manager from the menu.
  3. Click Release License.

The license will then be available to authorize TreeAge Pro on the other computer.

If a firewall blocks Release License, please contact

Install/Authorize on new computer

Once the license is available, you can download, install and authorize TreeAge Pro on the other computer.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your serial number into the form.
  3. Download the appropriate installer for your computer's operating system.
  4. Install TreeAge Pro. For more details about installing on Windows and Mac look at installation details.
  5. When TreeAge Pro starts, the License Manager will open automatically and you should be prompted to enter your serial number for Internet Authorization. If not, please click Internet Authorization.
  6. Enter your serial number when prompted.

If a firewall blocks Internet Authorization, use Manual Authorization instead. Click here for instructions.

If you have any further difficulties with transferring your license, please feel free to email


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