Manual Authorization

If you have having authorization issues, you may need to try Manual Authorization. It might be that Internet Authorization of your TreeAge Pro license has failed. In this case Manual Authorization can get your license registered and unlock your software.

Follow the following steps to try Manual Authorization:

  1. Choose Help > TreeAge License Manager from the menu.
  2. Click Manual Authorization.
  3. Enter or confirm the serial number.
  4. The Manual Authorization dialog will open.
  5. Follow Step 1 - click "Submit Codes". This will pass your Serial Number and Site Code to a web page for key generation.
  6. In the web page, click the Authorize button.
  7. Register the license with the user's contact info if this is the first time the license has been used.
  8. Copy the Site Key from the web page into the clipboard.
  9. Follow Step 2 - click "Paste Site Key".
  10. Follow Step 3 - click "Unlock TreeAge Pro".

The steps above are also described using diagrams in the attached file.

If Manual Authorization fails, please contact us on with your serial number and details of the problem, and we can provide further assistance.

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