Manual Authorization

Normally, you should use Internet Authorization to authorize TreeAge Pro most efficiently. However, you may have a firewall that blocks Internet Authorization messages. Then you should use Manual Authorization.

Manual Authorization passes the required authorization information through a browser to avoid firewall issues. You submit your Serial Number and computer-generated Site Code through a web form, and receive a Site Key to unlock your software. Once that Site Key is entered into the License Manager, TreeAge Pro should unlock.

Instructions for Manual Authorization are provided below.

  1. Choose Help > TreeAge License Manager from the menu.
  2. Click Manual Authorization.
  3. Enter or confirm the serial number.
  4. The Manual Authorization dialog will open.
  5. Follow Step 1 - click "Generate Key" ("Submit Codes" in older TP versions).
    This will pass your Serial Number and Site Code to a web page for key generation.
  6. In the web page, click the Authorize button.
  7. Register the license with the user's contact info if this is the first time the license has been used.
  8. You should be presented with a Site Key on the web page.
  9. Click the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy the Site Key from the web page.
  10. Return to the Manual Authorization dialog.
  11. Follow Step 2 - click "Paste Site Key".
  12. Follow Step 3 - click "Authorize" ("Unlock TreeAge Pro" in older TP versions).
  13. TreeAge Pro should restart in an authorized state.

If Manual Authorization fails, please contact us on with your serial number and details of the problem, and we can provide further assistance if you have a license with valid support.

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