Generating Probabilities from Kaplan-Meier Survival Data

Kaplan-Meier survival data can be used as input data to a Markov model. This article and its associated model show two methods to generate transition probabilities from Kaplan-Meier survival data.

  1. Represent the empirical survival data with a parametric distribution. 
  2. Use the empirical data directly, by creating a Cumulative Density Function.

Please reference the following attachments:

  1. Kaplan-Meier Article.pdf
  2. Kaplan-Meier Survival Data.xlsx
  3. Markov From Kaplan-Meier Data.trex


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  • It's a great an example, for more thing, in three state markov mode (Progression free state, Progression state , Death), PFS curves calculate which two state transition probability? So as to OS ?

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