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I made a decision tree using markov model. for the transition to death of other causes I have a death table that gives the rates of mortality for each year of life. (ex 20years old, death rate is 0.009. 21 years old death rate is 0.008 etc). I currently have a table set up in treeage so that row 1 is mortality for cycle 1, row two is mortality for cycle two and so on. Each cycle is one year.

What do I put in the transition probability to pull from my table where each cycle it will take the probability one row down?. right now I tried tablename[_tunnel], but that doesnt seem to work.


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  • In a Markov Model _stage is the counter for each cycle.

    You do not create _stage you can just use it as you need. The first cycle is always _stage = 0. So if you have rows in your table, you will need to use: Table[_stage+1] to get the entry from the first row in the first cycle of the model.


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  • I suggest you look at an example model in the Files View.

    • Example Models > Healthcare Training Examples > Example10-MarkovCancerTime.trex

    In that model, age is defined with a starting age plus _stage. This will increment age by 1 for each annual cycle.

    Then the probability pDeathBackground pulls mortality data from a table based on the current age.

    Note that the mortality data in the table is not accurate. Use your own mortality data.


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