How to invoke mutual exclusivity of Markov models in TreeAge?

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I have a complicated Markov model whereby a patient could be in two health states at the same time and can further progress into sub-health states in the subsequent cycles. I'm facing the problem of state explosion in my model. Is there any way in TreeAge I can model multiple state occupancy and relax the assumption of mutual exclusivity?


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    There is no way to have patients in more than one state at a time in a Markov model. This would break the fundamental concept of a Markov model.

    It would probably be helpful to run patient simulation on the Markov model. Then you can use trackers to indicate different conditions/events/etc. for a patient in any health state.

    For example, a patient could be in a state like severe disease, but the patient could also have trackers recording other information like prior events, infectious status, etc.


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