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Hi community,

I want to generate a random cohort in a model. The assumption is 40% start from state 1 and 60% in state 2. There are 4 states in all. I want to run a PSA such that cohorts also vary. I don't have a standard deviation to generate a distribution for the cohort. Please is there a way I can generate this in Treeage? I know RAND() in excel can do this, is there a similar way to do this in Treeage?

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  • The initial probabilities for states require the same kind of probability expressions as other event probabilities in the model.

    You can use a beta distribution to represent any probability in the model for use in PSA. Then use the hashtag for the complimentary probability.

    If you have multiple branches with probabilities, you can use a Dirichlet distribution to generate all the probabilities.


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  • Thank you Andrew for your feedback, it worked.



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