transition probability of mortality based on age


I am a student researcher, new to Tree Age. 

I have three health states and the state of probability to die depends on the age of the patient. I have a list of mortality versus age from the life table. how to include this in the model? 

is there any equation for this? or how can I connect it to excel to use the table?

Does the table function work in student license? 



  • There is some great information in the Help in the software and example models to demonstrate many of the features.

    It is easy to include a Background Mortality table in TreeAge and then reference it in the model as the age of the cohort (or indeed) the patient changes. You can create the table in TreeAge yourself or copy the table in from an external source.

    Take a look at Chapter 41 which references a model called: MicrosimulationCancerModel - Distributions.trex. This model has both a table in for Background Mortality and probabilities that reference the table.

    If you have a Student License, your supervisor can also assist you with these questions too.






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  • Thanks a lot for the reply. it helped 

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