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Hi, Andrew Munzer.

Regarding healthcare tutorial example tree MarkovExtraPayoffs.trex, the results I run on my computer are inconsistent with the results displayed on the manual.

Any advices for how to solve this problem? Thanks




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    The difference you see is due to the Numerical Formatting in the Example model. The model saved in the Example models seems to have a formatting for those additional payoffs set to "no decimal places".

    I will tell you how to update the Numerical Formatting for those payoffs in the model.

    1. Open the model, and then open Tree Preferences from the toolbar.
    2. Go to Calculation > Numeric Formatting and then scroll down until you see the additional payoffs. (The Cost, Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness will come first).
    3. Set the decimal places to 2 or more. Then Apply and Close.

    When you run Rankings, you will get the same results as the Help files.

    I will edit the Example model to ensure people who access the next release will get the update to Numeric formatting in their Examples. Thanks for letting us know.

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