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Has anybody had the following error message when trying to export a decision tree mixed with a markov inside in an excel file ? 

"The Decision Node has a child Chance Node. The converter only supports Decision nodes with Markov children."

I don't know how to deal with the message. 

Thank you for your help.






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    Hello Admassu,

    You have two choices.  Just as you suggest generate two Excel files and then add your custom sheet(s) that will combine the two outputs.  You could re-use your new sheets to combine additional exports from your TreeAge model.

    Alternatively you can restructure your TreeAge model.  Instead of the chance node, you could have the Markov node, which has more states.  The larger number of states can represent all of the states from the original 2 Markov nodes.  You probably would only need one Dead state.  But other states could be doubles.  For example Starting State 1 and Starting State 2 would have initial probabilities that correspond to your chance node probabilities.  Than you can make the transition states as appropriate to represent internal states from your original 2 Markov version.

    It is really your choice which path will get you to the solution faster and will be easier to implement, but probably good to know both options for the future.

    Best Regards,



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  • Hello Cécile,

    TreeAge Pro's conversion process depends on the structure of the model.  The model has to have one decision node which is the root node of the tree.

    All of the "children" of the decision node have to be Markov nodes.  Essentially each strategy has to be a separate Markov node.  No other structure can be converted to Excel.

    So you would need to restructure your model to meet the above criteria.  My suggestion would be to create a new model document and create a decision node, then copy one of your Markov nodes from the original model to the new one.  Try conversion and it should work.  Feel free to reach out to for some additional help.

    Best Regards,



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  • Let me add one thing to Al's comment.

    If your model structure consists of a Decision Node with 2 more more Markov Node branches, you can export the entire model.

    If you have other nodes between your Decision Node and the Markov nodes, you can select the individual Markov Nodes and export them. However, you cannot export the whole model into one workbook.


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  • I encountered similar problems. My model starts with Decision Node, followed by Chance Node. Two Markov Nodes come after the Chance Node for each strategy. Does this means I should select the individual Markov Nodes to export to excel (in line with Andrew's comment)? After exporting  two Markov Nodes for each strategy, can I combine them in Excel?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    A.N. Lamu

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