changing costs and utilities in a markov cancer health state

In a CUA model for cancer treatment, how do you model a state that has changing costs and utilities depending on the cycle.  Specifically, if the progression free state has costs and utilities associated with chemo that are only applicable to the first 6 cycles and thereafter costs and utilities change (i.e., cost no longer includes chemo and utilities improve), how do you handle this?



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    TreeAge Pro has a built-in keyword _stage, which counts the number of cycles passed (beginning with the value 0 and incremented by 1 after that with each cycle).

    You can create any formula that you want that references _stage and that formula will return a different value as _stage increases. It could be as simple as this...

    cChemo_formula = if(_stage<=5; cChemo_param; 0)

    ... or it could be something more complicated based on your needs.

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