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I made a decsion tree for diabetes screening in TreeAge but my comparator is no intervention and as such the cost and benefits are zero. In the intervention group  i have three branches as diabetes, prediabetes and none. I ma not able to show a cost effectiveness analysis becuase the benefits are just screened positive and this cannot be converted to life years gained or mortality prevetned because the screened positive inforamtion cannot be converted to reduction in mortality as there is o such data available that can be used in the mdoel. All the studies on diabetes are just talking about cardiovascular risk reduction but how to input that as benefit and show that as DALYS or QALYS



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  • I responded via a support ticket, but I will copy that text here as well.

    Not all C/E models will use DALYs or QALYs as the appropriate effectiveness outcome measure. It may be that the appropriate effectiveness outcome measure is screened positive cases of diabetes. I am not sure if that is a positive or negative outcome within the context of your model. If it is negative, then you will want to adjust tree preferences to invert incrementals within Tree Preferences > Calc Method > Cost-Effectiveness > CE Parameters.

    It is fairly common to have a non-standard effectiveness outcome measure, which is fine. However, this makes it difficult to find a good WTP (willingness-to-pay) threshold for your model. You might get an ICER in the form of cost/additional positive test, which is fine, but it is difficult to determine a reasonable threshold for how much an additional positive test is worth.

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