Function "Choose" (index;LIST of values)

 I have an age related variable: costs vary by three age groups - €1361 (0-13yrs); €680 (14-20yrs); €272 (21+yrs). Can I use the function "choose"? Does anyone how to use this function? I have read the function help, but could not figure out how to add "index":-(

Your help would be greatly appreciated!




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    I will highlight how the Choose function using the example below.

    Choose( index; 100; 200; 300)

    We will assume there is some formula that provides the value for "index". This formula must provide back a value of 1, 2 or 3, or the Choose function will fail.

    • index 1 - Choose returns 100
    • index 2 - Choose returns 200
    • index 3 - Choose returns 300

    I don't think the Choose function on its own will be the best approach for your issue.

    However, a table will work nicely.

    Table name: AgeCost

    Table lookup method: Truncate

    Table data:

    • Index, Value 
    • 0, 1361
    • 14, 680
    • 21, 272

    Your expression would then be AgeCost[age], which I would place in a formula variable.

    With the lookup method of truncate, the expression will return...

    • 1361 for ages 0-13
    • 680 for ages 14-20
    • 272 for ages 21 and above

    I hope this is helfpul.


  • I am glad this worked for you.


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