How to include vaccination efficacy in Dynamic Cohort models?

TreeAge recently completed a webinar about Dynamic Cohorts - specifically considering an Infectious Disease model - which can be run as either a Cohort or Microsimulation (Parallel Trials).

The model we used (Dynamic Cohort - Infectious Disease.trex) is based on the SIR model with Births and Deaths. You can find the model in the 2018 version of TreeAge Pro via the Projects View: Example Models > Health Care.

We were asked a question: What is the best way to include vaccination efficacy in the model?

There seems as though there would be a few ways to do this and we thought we would throw this question out to the community.

  • Would you include additional Health States?
  • Would vaccination efficacy be a constant multiplier of the force of infection?
  • Would you model immunity weakening and how?

We welcome all comments on this post. Thank you for your input.

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