Sensitivity analysis low and high value for a variable defined with a probtoprob function

Hi all,

Novice Treeage user here. I'm currently working on a Markov Model where I have several variables that employ a probtoprob function in the root definition. When setting up the low and high value for a sensitivity analysis for some of these variables I was wondering how to best set this up in the absence of being able to put a probtoprob function in the low and high value fields (I tired and it asks for a real number). If it was just a percentage range say +/- 5% I think that would be easy enough by just changing the range type to "Adj %", but as I'm getting low and high values from different sources in the literature (with different probability periods and such) I was hoping there was a way to do this without essentially manually calculating the probtoprob function and plugging in the actual values. 

Hope this question makes sense, and thanks for any help. 



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    If you are using the ProbToProb function, then perhaps you can run sensitivity analysis on the input to the ProbToProb function rather than the result of that function.

    For example, let's say you have an annual probability input and a monthly probability generated by the ProbToProb function. I will use "fake" variable names here.

    • pEvent_Ann = 0.05
    • pEvent_Mon = ProbToProb(pEvent _Ann; 1/12)

    Then you could run a sensitivity analysis range for pEvent_Ann because it is an input, while the range would be applied to pEvent_Mon which is referenced within the model.


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  • Thank you Andrew! I think this will do the trick.

    Much appreciated!


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