Getting from Bayes-start to Bayes-end

I'm familiarizing myself with TreeAge.  I'm able to follow the user manual around entering a Bayes m x n grid, and can create an appropriate Bayes subtree.

By default, it looks like uncertainty nodes remain at the leafs.  In the user guide, they mention changing these to terminal nodes in order to roll back the tree (and getting to Bayes-end) 

When I right click to change the node type, it looks like I have to specify the terminal node value (and I see that I can do so by clicking the "..." box, selecting variables, and selecting the appropriate joint probability).  

But: this is a pretty slow and cumbersome process, especially given that one expects the method to generalize to an m x n grid.  

Is there a faster way to change the leaf node type / specify it before hand?  Changing the initial uncertainty node to a terminal node leaves the mXn option greyed out.






  • I would like to do a Bayes revision from a decision tree - not a an influence diagram. Can I do so with TreeAge?

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  • You can do Bayes Revision from a decision tree. In TreeAge Pro, open the Projects View to look at all the files. Expand the Example Models > Healthcare folder. In this folder you will find two Example models, one called BayesSensSpec-start.trex and the other BayesSensSpec-end.trex. These models are refered to in Chapter 26 of the Help Files of TreeAge Pro which explain how to configure a decision tree for Bayes Revision.


    If you have more specific or detailed questions, please feel free to submit a support request to:

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