Windows 10 installation and compatibility

TreeAge Pro 2015 R2.0 can be installed on Windows 10 operating system. However, depending on the configuration of your user account and the display resolution settings you may encounter following issues:

1. User Account and workspace location.

In some instances on Windows 10 TreeAge Pro installation may not work correctly and present errors:Win10StartUpIssue1.PNG


Most likely cause of that issue is that workspace location is not accessible to TreeAge Pro.

To correct this please follow these instructions.

  1. Launch Notepad via Right-Click > Run as Administrator.
  2. Choose File > Open from the Notepad menu.
  3. Navigate to where TreeAge Pro is installed e.g. C:\Program Files\TreeAgePro.
  4. Open the file TreeAgePro.ini (could be shown as simply TreeAgePro (but it will have the icon with a little gear indicating configuration file).
  5. Add the following lines at the end of the TreeAgePro.ini file (replacing <YOURUSERNAME> with your actual user name on the computer you are using):
  • -Duser.home=C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>
  • Save TreeAgePro.ini and now TreeAge Pro should start correctly.

    2. Display Resolution.

    Windows 10 introduces many new controls for adjusting display resolution and scaling of text, icons etc.  If you are using high resolution (e.g. greater than 200 Dots Per Inch (DPI), you may experience that Windows 10 will render icons on your display as very small images.  You may have to adjust the resolution and settings (e.g. Change Size of Text, etc. to 300%) in order to have usable TreeAge User Interface on your display.

    1.  Right Click on your desktop and select Display Settings.
    2. Scroll to Change the size of text, apps, etc. and use the slider bar to select 200%, 250% or 300% to get the best UI rendition.
    3. You may also select Advanced Settings below the slider bar and further experiment with Resolution settings.

    We are planning to upgrade to newer version of Eclipse that will allow us to adjust the text, icon sizes automatically sometime in 2016. Thank you for your patience.




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