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Recently I was trying to build a Markov model, But I got questions in knowing the difference between the "initial effects" and the "trans effects" mentioned in the model, I wondered what's the difference of this two concept in Markov model built in TreeAge, is "initial effects" more close to the concept of absolute value and "trans effects" is more related to the delta value of difference in effects based on different conditions(if one condition has an effect of 0.8, the next condition has an effect of 0.6, does it mean that the "trans effects" in the Markov model of that process should be -0.2 ?)



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  • Huang

    Thank you for your question. There are several different concepts there and I will try and separate them.

    In TreeAge you have State Rewards and Event (or Transition) Rewards.

    State rewards are accumulated at the Health States and they can have different values depending on whether it is the initial (first iteration of the model), incremental (all subsequent iterations of the model) or final (after the model has finished) value. These values are time dependent in regards to they depend on the cycle length of the model.

    More information on State rewards in the Help

    Event (Transition) rewards are accumulated within the transition subtree and are often only accumulated when a certain event occurs.

    More information on Event rewards in the Help.

    In TreeAge you can change the value accumulated at state and event rewards based on time or any other formula you may require. Perhaps review the section in the Help about Building a Markov Model to see if it answers your questions.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.


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