How to input a cost for dead state in PartSA?

Dear All, 

    I am working on a partition survival model. My model intends to consider the cost of Palliative care. But I don't know how to enter the cost of Palliative care. I saw an answer saying 'EXIT' in Rewards, but the EXIT of PFS includes PPS and Death, and the EXIT of PPS includes Death. How can I obtain the value of all Death.


Wang Yang



  • PartSA Exit costs are incurred as people exit the state. So, in a typical model with PFS and OS survival curves...

    • PFS exit cost could be the cost of progression as people move from Progression-Free to Post-Progression.
    • OS exit cost could be the cost of death as people move from Post-Progression to Dead.
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  • Thanks very much for your reply.

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