DALYs in Markov Model Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Hi, I am working on a Markov Model Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and wanted to ask if anyone has any updates on how to calculate DALYs in TreeAge instead of QALYs?

Is it as simple as setting all utility values for "death" states to 1, "well" or "disease free" states to 0, and using disability weights (DWs) instead of utility values for disease states?



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    DALYs are trickier than QALYs in a TreeAge Pro Markov model.

    QALYs are easily accumulated at each state based on the current utility.

    DALYs are the opposite, (1 - utility) at each state.

    In addition, DALYs need to account for death, so DALYs would need to be accumulated for each cycle spent in the Dead state. Enter 1 for the dead state Incr reward and 0.5 for the Final reward assuming you are doing half-cycle correction.

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  • Note that this example model is included with TreeAge Pro 2021 and later.

    Files View > Example Models > Healthcare > Markov Cancer Decision - DALY.trex.

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