Discounting in Sensitivity Analysis

I have applied global discounting to both costs and effectiveness (5% annually) in my cost-effectiveness Markov model and would like to change vary the discount rate in sensitivity analysis (range from 0% - 10% annual rate). Since I have used the global discounting feature in TreeAge, the discount rate (r) is not a variable defined at the root node of the tree; is it possible to perform sensitivity analyses for discounting in this case? Or must I manually discount all costs and effects rather than use global discounting? 




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    You can create a root node variable, disc_rate = 0.05, and then you can use this variable in the Global Discounting option.

    Then you can run 1-way sensitivity analysis on disc_rate over the appropriate range - sounds like that is 0.0  to 0.1 with 10 intervals.

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