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I am trying to conduct both 1-way sensitivity analysis and PSA for a Decision Tree/Markov model. I have the definitions at the root node as numbers to facilitate 1-way sensitivity analysis. I have created distribution variables for the distributions and planning to replace the numeric definition with the appropriate distribution variable name at the root node to perform PSA.

If I need to repeat my 1-way sensitivity analysis is there a way of doing this without then having to change all the variable back to numeric values at the root node? Is there a more efficient way to switch between 1-way sensitivity analysis and PSA?

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  • Cindy

    If you have your variable set at the root node as you have defined, you can still do 1-way sensitivity analysis on it. Let us say you have this variable defined at the root node:

    my_root_variable = my_distribution_for_PSA

    When you run base case analysis, the mean value of the distribution will be used.

    When you run PSA, my_root_variable will take values from the distribution you have defined.

    When you run 1-way, you can set the range over which you want my_root_variable to be sampled from, and it will perform usual 1-way sensitivity analysis.


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