How to run repeated analysis (aka Stored Analysis and Sequences)

TreeAge Pro has the ability to store the details of previously run analysis and then run it again on the same model. You can combine a number of the Stored Analyses together to create a Sequence of Analyses, and then just run the Sequence every time you need to run the "usual" set of analysis.

Instructions to create a Stored Analysis

1. In your model, run the analysis you want to store. (In the example attached, I ran 1-way sensitivity analysis on pEradicateRadSurg). You can close the analysis output, and go back to the model.

2. We want to save this analysis. Go into Analysis > Stored Analysis. Then choose the option "Save Analysis..." and give the Analysis an appropriate name. In this case "Sens1Way_pEradicateRadSurg".

3. We then repeated the above steps for two other variables: pEradicateRad and cSurgery. Both of these were saved as Stored Analysis using Step 2 above.

Instructions to create a Sequence ( = several Stored Analysis run one after the other)

4. You now has 3 Saved Analysis which you should be able to see in the dialogue: Analysis > Stored Analysis list. On the right hand side of where you see the Stored Analysis listed, you can see the option "New Sequence...". Select this.

5. You are give the option to name your Sequence; I used: "Run_My_Sensitivity_Analysis".

6. The next part is a bit annoying, but bare with me! Now you have the Sequence created (well named at least), you have to add the analysis you want to run into the sequence. With the Sequence you have created highlighted, you should see two white boxes below. The one which says "Content" is where you want to add your Saved Analysis. Start typing the name for the Stored Analysis in there. To do this easily, we just typed Sens1 and then use "Ctrl and Space Bar" and it will show you all the Stored Analysis you have by that name. One by one add all three you have created into the list.

7. Then select Apply and close.

8. Now from your model, any time you want to run the Sequence, go to Analysis > Stored Analysis and select Run_My_Sensitivity_Analysis from the list, and then click Run Sequence from the RHS.

9. And Hey Presto, it should run all 3 sensitivity analysis, one after the other without you having to do anything else.

We have attached the model with the Stored Analysis saved.

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