Mac Excel AddIn issues

Sometimes during software update process of the Microsoft Excel the TreeAge Pro AddIn file may be deleted.  This will result in the following error messages from Microsoft Excel:


The above dialog may be hidden behind TreeAge Pro window or other application windows.  So you may need to bring Excel application to the front, by selecting it from the application tray at the bottom.

Please click OK button and without closing Excel try to run AddIn installation from TreeAge Pro again.  You can access the installation button from Menu -> Window -> Application Preferences -> Excel Module Configuration -> "Install AddIn ..." button.

If the problem persists, you can try restarting your Mac.  Make sure Excel is closed.  Start TreeAge Pro and press the Install AddIn button.  The above error dialog may still come up, but press OK and then press Install AddIn button in TreeAge Pro again.  This usually gets the AddIn re-installed.

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