What's new in TreeAge Pro

We release a new set of features twice annually in January and July.

Click on the following links to see what new features have been added to TreeAge Pro in the past few years.

  • Partitioned Survival Analysis (TP 2019.2)
  • Get Started, Export Results to Excel (TP 2019.1)
  • Enhanced Tornado, DES Cohort Reporting, Print Wizard (TP 2018.2)
  • Dynamic Cohort, Patient Interaction (TP 2018.1)
  • Simulation Patient/Cohort Tracking, New Tornado (TP 2017.2)
  • Convert Markov Models to Excel (TP 2017.1)
  • Enhanced Markov Reporting, Within-Cycle Correction (TP 2016.2)
  • Record Events for Patient Simulation (TP 2016.1)
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