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  • Hi Vanessa, I am a PhD student in the dental school and do not have a health economics background. I have been asked to do diabetes screening Markov model on a hypothetical population of 132,526 individuals between 40 to 74 yrs. My model has four stage transition probabilities 1. normal 2. prediabetes 3. diabetes 4. dead. This is a hypothetical model with 10 cycles. I assigned the values and probabilities with cost/rewards as QALYs for 1 individual in the Markov model. But how to do run this model for all the individuals. Also, how do I assign the probabilities for the cohort in the differnt age group between 40 to 74 yrs? The user manual of TreeAge is not user-friendly with terminologies not suitable for students from medical background. How do I do this in TreeAge? I did all this by wathching the TreeAge video in youtube. Although TreeAge has videos and webinars on Markov modelling but they are not complete. For example, how the age group of individuals with different probabilities of disease can be assigned are available. Do you have any idea as to how to do the microsimulation?

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