Pick Workspace pop up dialog

During installation of some versions of TreeAge Pro you may encounter the following dialog at first start up:



At the Pick Workspace Dialog, select press "Browse" button and navigate to locations such as:

C:\Users<YOUR USER NAME>\treeage\workspace on Windows or

/Users/<YOUR USER NAME>/treeage/workspace on Mac

Make sure <YOUR USER NAME> is replaced with your actual user name on the computer you are using.

If necessary your can create a folders "treeage" and "workspace" using File Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac.

Double check that the appropriate path to the workspace is selected within TreeAge Pro dialog and press OK. TreeAge Pro will start up with the selected workspace.

Please make sure you do not create workspace on your Desktop or in Program Files folder as TreeAge Pro may not function correctly in those locations.

You may see message "... is not currently set up to be a workspace" even though you just selected that location to be your new workspace, it is just an extra check that you can just click OK.

Just please do not store your own models that you create within the workspace folder. Keep that within some other Documents\ folder location and back up your work frequently.

For more information of changing workspaces see the following article: Creating a new workspace

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