Silent Installation

You can create a silent installer to efficiently repeat the installation process on multiple computers. The silent installer requires the same installer version and will use the installation path on the target computer.

  1. Run a full installation using the standard installer. The selections you make during the installation will be reused by the silent installer.
  2. Toward the end of the the installation, choose the option to save an installer XML file. Save the file to an appropriate place on your network.
  3. On the next machine, open a command prompt with administrator access.
  4. Within the command prompt, call the installer file executable followed by the XML file including the full folder path to the file.

An example command line for using a silent installer script file saved at location specified by a full path and named "Silentinstall.xml" :


TP-Install-Healthcare-2021.2.0-Win64.exe /silentpath="C:\<FULL_PATH>\Silentinstall.xml"


Note that this will not handle licensing or the Excel Add-in installation. You will need to start TreeAge Pro on the installed computer to perform those steps after installation.


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