Recovering TreeAge Pro Backup files on Mac OS X

Showing Hidden Files on Mac

TreeAge Pro can create back up files automatically.  For different back up options see Menu -> Help -> Window -> Application Preferences, within Tab General -> Backup/Autosave.

However, on Mac OS X the back up files are hidden, it is not easy to see and rename them, without using 3rd party apps that allow viewing of hidden files.

It is possible to enable viewing of hidden files without the need for 3rd party software, by using the following steps:

1. Open terminal application

type in the following command on Mac OS 10.8 and older: 

      defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

or on Mac OS 10.9 (The only difference is the Finder is typed with lower case f):

      defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

2. Kill Finder application for the above changes to take effect, type the following into Terminal window:

     killAll Finder

3. Now start Finder and you should be able to see hidden files.

RENAMING of hidden files on Mac 

To rename the file select it with a right click and select "Get Info" change name in the tab Name & Extension by removing the "." and "-backup".  Change the name also to make sure you do not overwrite the file.

For example:


First change the file name to something new:


 Then delete the "." and "-backup"


 Press Enter and select "Use .trex"


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