Creating a new workspace

The TreeAge Pro Workspace stores system settings for your software installation, including the arrangement of views and editors, projects, recently opened models, etc. You can also store models within the Workspace, but we recommend that you store your models in a separate location that is regularly backed up.

Occasionally, you may need to switch your Workspace if it becomes corrupted or to see new features. If you want to create a new Workspace, then you can follow the instructions below to create a new one.

  1. Choose File > Project > Switch Workspace.
  2. Create and select a new folder within the user folder on your computer.
  3. TreeAge Pro will restart and create a new workspace in the selected folder.

Note: If you are in the "Get Started" perspective of TreeAge Pro 2019, then you need to switch to another perspective ("Build" or "Analyze") to be able to follow the instructions above. 

If you are unable to perform the steps above because you cannot even startup TreeAge Pro, you can simply rename the current Workspace folder, and TreeAge Pro will create a new one.

  1. Navigate to the folder next to but not within your documents folder (via Windows Explorer or Mac Finder).
  2. Rename the folder "treeage" to something like "treeage-old".
  3. Start TreeAge Pro and it will create a new "treeage" folder for a new Workspace.
  4. You can delete the "treeage-old" folder, but only if you are certain that you have not saved your models within this folder. We recommend that you wait a few weeks to be sure.

If you still get an error message after following the instructions above, please create a support ticket through the help desk for further assistance.


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