Windows Excel Add-in not working?

To check the Excel Add-in is working, go to an Excel File Tab, select Options, Add-Ins, and you should be able to see TreeAge Pro Add-in in either Active or Inactive Application Add-ins groupings.

Sometimes, there may be issues seeing the Excel Add-in. In this case there are a few things to try.


First, is there more than one TreeAge Add-In? If there is then locate the add-in file named tpaddin.xla (make a note of its location path). Older add-ins, e.g. treeage-201x-addin.xla, should be removed (delete them with File Manager).

In the same Excel Options Add-ins view, press the button "Go ..." to Manage Excel Add-ins.

Make sure that only one check box for the TreeAge Pro Add-in is checked.  You can remove an older Add-in (e.g. "TreeAge Pro 2011 Add-in") from this list if you have deleted the older Add-in file as above. If you check the box for the old Add-in, Excel will ask if you want to delete this Add-in since the associated *.xla file could not be found. Select "OK" to delete old Add-in.


If you do not see the TreeAge Pro Add-in, it is possible that the Add-in installation process failed because some Excel process was running during Add-in installation.

You should try re-installing the Add-in:

  1. Make sure that Excel is not running. Check with Task Manager in the Processes tab that there are no EXCEL.EXE processes. Sometimes, even when you close Excel, some Excel processes may still be running.
  2. Close TreeAge Pro, right click TreeAge Pro icon and select Run As Administrator.

  3. Navigate to Window -> Application Preferences -> Excel Module Configuration and select which version of Excel you what the worksheet formats to be saved. Then Press Install Add-In... button.

  4. The Add-In installer dialog should go through a number of steps, finishing with a message that the Add-In was installed successfully.


Lastly, check if Excel Trust Center settings are allowing the Add-In to be used by doing the following:

  1. In the File tab of Excel, go to Options > Trust Center (just under Add-Ins). It is possible that Trust Center Settings need to be adjusted to include the location where the TreeAge Pro add-in is located. For example if the tpaddin.xla is located at a path such as:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\Root\Office15\Library\tpaddin.xla

  Then within the Trust Center please go to "Trust Center Settings ...", select "Trusted Locations".

      2. Add a new location that corresponds to the Add-in path (without the tpaddin.xla itself) as in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\Root\Office15\Library\

       3. With the Trust Center Settings updated you should be able to enable the Add-in through the Excel Add-in tab, just above the Trust Center.


If any errors are encountered during the processes above, please send us a screen shot of the issue and tell us what you have done on a support ticket.

You can also review Diagnosing common problems with Windows Excel Addin, which may provide you further solutions.

For Mac, the minimum version of Microsoft Excel is 2016 15.27.  Additional help can be found in this article: Mac specific instructions


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