Using Object Interfaces with TreeAge Pro

Users of TreeAge Pro are able to open, update and analyze models via program code written in virtually any language, including:

  • Java

  • Visual Basic in an Excel macro

  • Visual Basic in other environments

  • C++

  • etc.

TreeAge Pro is written in Java, so the Java programming language provides the most transparent look at the Object Interface via the Java package com.treeage.treeagepro.oi. This package includes the model element and analysis objects, which makes coding in Java easier because the Java IDE can "see" the TreeAge Pro objects and provides guidance on programming syntax.

However, many TreeAge Pro customers use the Object Interface through other programs, frequently via Visual Basic in an Excel macro. Languages other than Java connect to the Object Interface through the ActiveX Java package com.treeage.treeagepro.oi.activex. The ActiveX Java package allows you to instantiate the TreeAgeProApplication object and then provides access to instantiate other objects (trees, nodes, etc).

There is more detailed documentation available in Chapter 29 in the manual for TreeAge Pro which can also be found on our website:

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