How do I increase the memory allocated to TreeAge Pro? (Java heap space)

When running larger models, they can sometimes slow or even stop if there is not enough memory allocated to TreeAge Pro. Below are instructions to increase the memory allocated to the Java heap space used by TreeAge Pro.

Be careful setting the maximum Java heap space value. If you exceed the value your computer can handle, TreeAge Pro will not start, and you will need to contact support for help reversing this setting. Use these guidelines to pick the proper value for the Java heap space size.

  • On 32-bit operating systems, the Xmx value cannot exceed 1100m.
  • On 64-bit systems, you can use up to 2/3 of the overall system memory. For example, if you have 8GB RAM, you could set the value as high as 5500.

In most current versions of Windows, changing the start-up options requires that you run TreeAge Pro as an administrator. To do so...

  1. Stop TreeAge Pro.
  2. Right-click on the TreeAge Pro start-up icon and choose Run as Administrator.

To change the Java heap space allocation do the following in TreeAge Pro...

  1. Choose from the menu bar across the top Window > Application Preferences.
  2. Select the category General > Start-up settings.
  3. Set the Maximum Java heap space value to a higher value (see above).

After changing the memory settings, TreeAge Pro is likely to better handle larger models better.

If you are using a version of TreeAge Pro older than 2013, please request specific instructions from regarding how to increase Java heap space.

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