Where to find tutorials, help files and demos

Now you have downloaded TreeAge Pro software, there are a few tutorials to help you get started.

The Tutorials range from navigating the TreeAge Pro interface to creating and analyzing simple Health Care models. Online Tutorials which you can watch in your own time can be found on our website under Healthcare Tutorials. Here is a link to the online Tutorials for TreeAge Pro Business too.

The TreeAge Pro Users Manual, which can be found in TreeAge Pro software through the Help Menu, is easily searchable and has tutorial examples to follow.

Within the Files View in TreeAge Pro there are many different example decision trees under the Folder Heading: Examples Models. If you can't find your Files window, then go to the tool bar at the top of TreeAge Pro, select Views and then select Files. This should open or bring to the front your Files window (which probably looks like a list of folders). Many of the examples in the Example Models folder are referred to within the TreeAge Pro User Manual.

If you have more questions about getting started, please feel free to send a request to support@treeage.com.



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