How do I copy distributions from one model to another?

When you create Distributions in one model, you may want to use these in other models. The Distributions you have created only exist in that specific model. However, you can "copy" distributions from one model to another using the Excel functionality. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the model with the existing distributions.
  2. In the Distributions View, click the "To Excel" button. The distributions information will be exported to Excel.
  3. Open the model without the distributions.
  4. In the Distributions View, click the "To Excel" button. No distributions will be exported, but the format will be set for importing the new distributions.
  5. Copy the distributions you want from the first Excel worksheet to the second Excel worksheet.
  6. In the second worksheet, choose Add/Update Distributions from the TreeAge Excel Add-in menu. This should import the distributions to the new model.

As well as copying distributions between models, you can also copy Variables. Please have a look at the following article for more details: How do I copy variables from one node to another in the same or different model

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