Diagnosing common problems with Windows Excel AddIn

Excel Updates.

After Excel has been updated it may be necessary to re-install AddIn using TreeAge Pro menu -> Window -> Application Preferences -> Excel Module configuration -> Install Object Interface and AddIn.  As shown here:



Checking if AddIn is working correctly.

As simple way to check if the AddIn is working.  Open one of the example models

e.g. Example Models\Healthcare Training Examples\Example02-Variables.trex.


Export the Variables using the tool bar icon (arrow #2 above).

This generates as spreadsheet (as in the image below). The simplest  way to check communication with Excel is (arrow #1 below) to edit a couple of the numeric values in the Excel spreadsheet, and then select "Add or Update Variables" (arrow #2 below). 



The changes should be reflected in TreeAge Pro (the values you have edited should now be in the TreeAge Pro model).

If this process works, you can ignore the warning message about the Microsoft Visual Basic compile error.

Or you can uninstall all older versions of Excel and Office then re-install the latest version and make sure that you are installing 64bit version of Excel.  Make sure that you use 64bit version of TreeAge Pro as well.   Proceed to the next section which deals with some issues during installation of the AddIn.


Other AddIn installation problems.

If you encounter errors during AddIn installation, try the following:

  1. Reboot your computer and make sure Excel is not running.
  2. Start TreeAge Pro running as administrator (right click on TreeAge Pro icon and select Run as Administrator).
  3. From Window menu select Application Preferences dialog.AddIn_Installation_1.png
  4. Press Install Object Interface and AddIn.AddIn_Installation_2.png
  5. Press Yes if necessary to allow the installation to proceed.
  6. Note if the installation finishes without errors.  The content of message box may vary depending on the version of TreeAge Pro and the Operating system.AddIn_Installation_3.png
  7. Press Finish.

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - Compile Error dialog.

The following error dialog is popping up when opening Excel.


This error is typically an indication that the Excel version is 32bit and TreeAge Pro is a 64bit version. 

To check see if your Excel and TreeAge Pro are both installed in

"C:\Program Files" [All 64 applications are installed there]


"C:\Program Files (x86)" [all 32 bit applications are installed there]

See where the  "Microsoft Office" folder is located.  For best results make sure that TreeAge Pro and Microsoft Office are installed in the same location.

There may have been an older version of 32bit Excel installed and there are some remaining folders such as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15" remove these or have an admin remove older versions of Excel.

Sometimes you can simply ignore the popup error and TreeAge Pro AddIn may still work correctly.



Insufficient Privileges to create folders and files in Program Files folder.

In some cases the administrator privileges may still not allow the AddIn to install successfully.  This may be a result of a stricter control policies implemented by your computer administrator.  Sometimes Domain administrator privileges are necessary for successful installation of the AddIn.


Open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files.

Try to create a temporary folder there called TEST.  If you cannot try to open File Explorer running as administrator (right click on File Explorer and select run as admin).  See if now you are able to create a folder TEST in C:\Program Files.  If not seek help from your IT administrator who can create folders and files in that location.

In order to find where Excel needs to install AddIns open Excel and select the File Pane as in:


Press Options to see the Options dialog and select AddIns as in:


Note that typical locations of AddIns are somewhere such as

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\Library

The actual path may be a bit different depending on the version of your Excel and Windows.

The Addin file will be "tpaddin.xlam"

If it is not found there you may be able to copy it from TreeAge Pro installation folder manually.

The original file can be found in:

C:\Program Files\TreeAgePro\plugins\com.treeage.treeagepro.excel.win32_2<long version and date digits>

The tpaddin.xlam is for 64 bit Excel.  The tpaddin.xla is for 32bit Excel and is being phased out.

We recommend using both 64bit Excel and 64bit TreeAge Pro.

If you manually copy the tpaddin.xlam to the Excel Library folder.  Open Excel again and navigate to Options AddIns dialog:


Press "Go ..." button to open the dialog with a list of installed AddIns:


Make sure that TreeAge Pro AddIn check box is selected.


Close dialogs.  Close Excel and TreeAge Pro.

Start TreeAge Pro again and perform the check of the addin functionality.   See section "Checking if AddIn is working correctly."



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